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What Is the Grammy Foundation?

GRAMMY in the Schools is the name for the music education outreach programs of The GRAMMY Foundation.

What Do We Do?

We create opportunities for high school students to work with music professionals to get real-world experience and advice about how to have a career in music. And that includes any kind of music career – audio engineer, concert promoter, electronic music producer, manager, musician, music journalist, singer, songwriter – any music career.

We also shine the spotlight on schools, students, and teachers who are doing exceptional things with music.

Get Involved

Are you a student? A parent? A teacher? Do you love music? Click here to find out if there's something you can do to get involved.

Our Supporters

With special thanks to the following donors who make our programs possible:

In partnership with:

  • ASCAP Foundation Irving Caesar Fund
  • Box Tops For Education
  • Converse
  • Disney
  • Ella Fitzgerald Charitable Foundation
  • Ford Motor Company Fund
  • The Flourish Foundation
  • Hot Topic Foundation
  • Journeys
  • McNally Smith College of Music
  • Microsoft Surface
  • National Endowment for the Arts. Art Works
  • The Recording Academy
  • Royal Bank of Canada
  • Starkey Hearing Foundation
  • Tickets for Charity
  • Universal Music Group

With support from:

  • AEG Live
  • Avid
  • Berklee College of Music
  • BET
  • CenterStaging, LLC
  • Drum Workshop
  • Capitol Recording Studios: Universal Music Group
  • El Rey Theatre
  • Gibson
  • Guitar Center
  • JBL by Harman
  • Line 6
  • Manhattan School of Music
  • National Educator's Association (NEA)
  • National Association of Music Merchants (NAMM)
  • National Association for Music Education (NAfME)
  • The School of Jazz at The New School
  • University of Southern California, Thornton School of Music
  • Roland
  • Shure
  • Yale Chase
  • Zildjian Cymbals

2014 GRAMMY Camp scholarship donors:

  • ASCAP Foundation
  • Converse
  • Hidden Beach Experiences and Marcus Miller
  • Chase
  • Hot Topic Foundation
  • The Recording Academy Chicago Chapter
  • The Recording Academy Florida Chapter
  • The Recording Academy Nashville Chapter
  • Mrs. Davey Silverman

We are grateful to also recognize those who have made contributions to the GRAMMY Camp Scholarship Fund since August 2014:

    • Mindi Abair
    • Antonio Acosta
    • John Beasley
    • Evan Bogart
    • Alexandra Bremer
    • John Burk
    • Ed Cherney
    • Mike Klink
    • Jane Cohen
    • Kandice Cole
    • Mamie Coleman
    • Linda Corsi
    • Geoff Cottrill
    • Sheila Escovedo
    • Misha Feldmann
    • Wendy Goldstein
    • Jeffrey B. Greenberg
    • The Jacob Marley Society
    • Rodney Jerkins
    • Amy Keys
    • Samuel Krause
    • Andy Le
    • James Leach
    • Christopher Lennertz
    • Gavin Lurssen
    • Susan Markheim
    • Orly Marley
    • Harvey Mason Jr.
    • Diana McCutchen
    • Radha Mehta
    • Claudia Menkarski
    • Julia Michels
    • Barbara O'Halloran
    • Ray Parker
    • Cheryl Pawelski
    • Neil A. Robinson
    • Diana Rodriguez
    • Rafael Sardina
    • Rachel Stilwell
    • Christopher Tin
    • Jose Villanueva
    • Chris Walden
    • Who Are We?
Christina Cassidy- Communications Director

Christina Cassidy opted out of a promising career in politics because the clothes were way too boring. Realizing that entertainment PR provided a way to combine red carpet events, designer clothes and long work days, she jumped at the chance to promote the mission and programs of the GRAMMY Foundation.

Kelly Darr- Senior Director, Programs and Events

Kelly Darr's tryst with stardom was singing in the school choir and performing dance for live audiences by the tender age of 13. But her greatest success, for which she received critical acclaim from family and friends, was performing one woman shows in her back yard theatre, using a hairbrush as a make-shift microphone. When a chance encounter with a motorcycle racer posed a distraction which led to a life of boyish things and ‘grime,' her path was chosen and stardom took a back seat. Today, she gets dirty behind the scenes, putting artists, programs, and events front and center to make the Foundation a happening place…and still sings in the shower.

Ryan Donahue- Junior Accountant

Ryan Donahue's distinguished path to the Business Affairs Department began at an early age when he became the youngest person ever to win the Monopoly World Championship. He used his prize money (paid out in pink, yellow, green and blue bills of course) to travel the world, leaving behind a legend that continues to grow. While most people now know him as the inspiration behind The Most Interesting Man in the World, he currently likes to spend his winters in the mountains and summers at the beach.

Loren Fishbein- Senior Coordinator

Loren Fishbein has a degree in music and an encyclopedic knowledge of monster movies. Widely known as popcorn connoisseur and collector of Star Wars bobble heads Loren spends his free time taking care of his super human son Jackson, karaoke-ing Metallica, and getting WILdivdiv!!!!! Loren spends his time at the GRAMMY Foundation schmoozing people up for large sums of money…but hey…at least it's for a good cause.

Carol Flores- Senior Accountant

Carol Flores loves to play the drums...eehhmm...on Rockband. When she is not living out her dreams of being a Rockstar, she is rockin' to the beat of her adiving machine and Excel in the art of spread sheets.

Scott Goldman– Vice President

Scott Goldman dreamed of a life in football. Along around 7th grade he figured out football hurt. That's when he took up the guitar (because girls liked guitar players too!) and followed a path toward working in the music world. He now raises money to support the programs of the GRAMMY Foundation.

Dorit Kalev- Senior Director, Events

Dorit Kalev knew she'd work in music and though she gave up on her violin lessons (after 7 years) and guitar lessons (after 7 weeks), she never gave up on her music career dream. Now she works on fundraising and events for the GRAMMY Foundation and definitely promises not to give up on those!

Patrick Lundquist- Project Manager

Patrick joins the Foundation after a career traveling to foreign lands with Al Jarreau as part of his management team. When he's not in the office, he's likely to be hidden away in a coffee shop nook writing songs for a new musical.

La Shon Malone- Executive Assistant

La Shon Malone began slapping the bass at the early age of 4. By age of 5 ¼, she taught herself how to play the fidivle by watching reruns of the Beverly Hillbillies. After years of touring with bands like Banjo This, Accordian to Who?, and The Fidivle Layeewhoos, she left the road for more stability. She now holds the record for "Most Scheduled Meetings in 2010."

Julie Mutnansky- Project Manager

Julie Mutnansky emerged from the cowboy town of Tucson, Arizona to the Hollywood lights of Los Angeles 3 years ago. Her passion for marimba playing was cut off being a student fresh out of college in need of 10,000 bucks just to pay for the instrument. She then joined a task force comprised of 3 other rockstars (a trombonist, guitarist, and tuba player) to help educate the world of programs that could change a high school students' talent in music forever.

David Sears- Executive Education Director

David went to college to be an electrical engineer which he planned to take up as a career after retiring from professional baseball. However, the one franchise that showed any interest in him had future Hall of Famers already playing the positions he played. So…. he decided he'd better work on his musical skills. OHH, that electrical engineering thing? He also figured that one should probably be really good in math if you expect to be successful in that field. He could count to 12 so music was perfect for him.

He always told his students that if they became successful they should come back and hire him to play with them. A few did but Ozomatli didn't. Hey guys, where's my gig? I guess most of them were too busy getting work themselves with Alicia Keys, John Legend, Gladys Knight and the Pips, Stevie Wonder, Paul McCartney, Sting, Green Day, Duke Ellington Orchestra and more.

David has worked with a wide variety of artists from Danny Kaye to Andy Griffith to the Temptations. He's even been paid (by a few) to sing but when his wife heard his voice, she banned him from ever singing in front of an audience he's not related to.

Dana Tomarken– Vice President, Events

You can't miss me – ‘cause I'm the grandmother that constantly has her hand out. Dana began her work experience with the Academy in 1993 and she heads up the events team for the GRAMMY Foundation.

Judy Wong- Vice President, Finance

Resident number junkie and long time advocate for bottomless cups of coffee and extra large font. Judy knew her career path had been determined when her high school year book teacher cold-called her and asked if she would take a job helping to manage budgets for a regional occupational program for the LAUSD. This after having decided to boycott school for half that semester (and of course without my parent's knowledge). It wasn't so fun there for a bit...

Wynnie Wynn- Senior Manager

A champion Gardner and the proud mother of a rising Broadway star. Wynn began her career as a pre-school teacher who went from singing "The Itsy Bitsy Spider" to "I Want Candy" at last year's MusiCares MAP Fund Benefit Concert. Today Wynnie raises money for the GRAMMY Foundation as part of its event management team.

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