2012 GRAMMY Camp - Jazz Session Roster

2012 GRAMMY Camp - Jazz Session


Name                         City                    State  School                                                  Part

Laila           Smith              San Jose                   CA       Marin School of the Arts                                     Soprano

Ashley        Levin              Augusta                   GA       Davidson Fine Arts                                              Soprano

Veronica     O’Brien           Greenwood               VA       Albemarle High School                                       Alto

Christina     Takayama      Woodside                 CA       Menlo-Atherton High School                              Alto

Nathan        Heldman        Los Angeles             CA       Academy of Music at Hamilton High School       Tenor

Felix            Ramsey, Jr.    Milwaukee                WI        Milwaukee High School of the Arts                     Tenor

Myles          Nuzzi             Cumberland             ME       Greely High School                                              Bass

Mark           Mekailian       Arcadia                     CA       Los Angeles County High School for the Arts     Bass



Name                        City                     State   School                                                 Part

Kayvon       Gordon          Detroit                      MI         Renaissance High School                                   Drums

Beka           Gochiashvili   New York                 NY         Julliard Pre-College/Home Schooled                 Piano

Daryl          Johns             Englewood                NJ         Dwight-Englewood School                                 Bass



Name                         City                    State   School                                                  Part

Sam           Hart                 New City                  NY        Clarkstown High School South                           Alto Sax 1

Tom           Kelley              Canton                     CT        CantonHigh School                                            Alto Sax 2

Julian         Lee                  Montclair                  NJ        Montclair High School                                        Tenor Sax

Jyron          Walls               Pearland                   TX        High School for Performing and Visual Arts       Tenor Sax

David         Leon                Miami                       FL        New World School of the Arts                             Bari Sax           

Ryan          DeWeese         Yorba Linda               CA       Esperanza High School                                       Trumpet Lead

Tyler           Tritt                 Philadelphia             PA       J.R. Masterman Home and School                       Trumpet Lead   

Adam         O’Farrill            Brooklyn                  NY       Fiorello LaGuardia High School for the Arts        Trumpet Jazz

Max            Boiko              Sunrise                      FL       Dillard High School                                             Trumpet 4

Michael       Wang              Sacramento               CA      Rio Americano High School                                 Trombone 1

Matt           Bumgardner     North Bend               WA      Mount Si High School                                          Trombone 2

Coleman     Hughes            Montclair                  NJ      Newark Academy                                                 Trombone 3

Chris          Palowitch         Pleasanton                CA      Amador Valley High School                                 Bass Trombone

Antonio      Madruga          Pembroke Pines         FL      New World School of the Arts                              Piano

Connor       Schultze          Foxborough               MA     Foxborough High School                                    Bass 

Lucas         del Calvo         Marina del Rey            CA     Crossroads School for Arts and Sciences           Guitar

Cameron     Macintosh       South Orange             NJ      Columbia High School                                       Drums

GC Media Team

Name                          City                    State   School                                                            

Julian         Ring                 Piedmont                   CA        Piedmont High School                                      

Kevin          Burke              Garden City                NY       Garden City High School                                  

In the Spotlight

Kevin Burke

Attended GRAMMY Camp New York 2011, 2012; GRAMMY In The Schools Media Team 2012


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