Behind The Scenes At KROQ

Hayley Emerson

Today the Multimedia track visited the CBS radio station KROQ. We went behind the scenes to see the DJ, the staff, and the whole radio station. We first met DJ Kat Corbett. She explained to us that to be a DJ you have to know a little about everything so you don't look silly when you're live on air. She also told us that when she interviews musicians, she talks about anything else other than music to have an interesting conversation to talk about. She was really captivating and the control booth she works at looked so complicated but cool. 

We also met with Brad who does the commercials during the breaks on air for KROQ. He explained to us that different places, for example McDonalds and Seaworld, ask to be put on the radio. They give Brad a few sentences to say about the product or place. He then prerecords his voice saying those lines. He changes his voice to a higher more friendly pitch to make the product sound exciting. He also lays down tracks and cool beats with his voice to make the commercial sound entertaining so people will stay on that radio station. 

We had a tour guide, Christine, who was an awesome speaker and kept us completely interested throughout the tour. She first started out at a medical school but dropped out because she really wanted to work at KROQ.  She applied and ended up getting the job of driving people around at KROQ. Furthermore, she rose up to the job of the associate producer for KROQ. 

My favorite room was the Red Bull Sound Space, which had a huge stage with a bunch of radios behind it. That is where KROQ has bands perform like Black Keys, Coldplay and Grouplove. We passed by a bunch of offices with people working hard on computers. We then passed a guy shooting a plastic basketball into a small hoop. He seemed to be working REALLY hard. It's fascinating how there are so many people working in the background to make the DJ sound good. 

Overall, the trip was a great opportunity to see the behind the scenes of a radio station, especially KROQ. Even though I probably won't be heading into the direction of being a DJ or an interviewer, it was still really intriguing to see the whole radio station. 

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