Claire Nordstrom

Carly Price, GRAMMY Camp LA

Whether it’s typing up lyrics on a retro 1930’s typewriter, playing an original song on the ukulele, or starring in her own music videos, Claire Nordstrom is an upcoming singer-songwriter to watch. This Californian has been singing since four years old and writing her own material for the last three years. Her musical inspirations include Keane, The Police and Barbara Streisand.

Between public appearances, classical training and over 6,000 views on YouTube, Nordstrom’s career is taking off at a young age. Some of Nordstrom’s favorite memories include singing the national anthem at a Seattle Seahawks game, working with Andrea Bocelli, and being featured in C magazine. Additionally, Nordstrom has licensed her songs to The Bold and The Beautiful and The Royals. 

Nordstrom’s refreshingly unique sound is reflected in her original songs such as “Wake Up” and “Invisible Girl.” As a singer, songwriter, ukulele player and pianist, her advice for songwriters is to start with the chorus and build the lyrics from there. However, Nordstrom shared one of her songwriting secrets: “I like to write things from my surroundings.” This is exemplified in her song, “Wake Up,” which was inspired by New York and its infamous reputation as the city that never sleeps. 

This summer, Nordstrom is taking her passion for music to GRAMMY Camp where she will be working on numerous songwriting projects. Currently, Nordstrom is writing a response song to Carrie Underwood’s “Before He Cheats.” After Focusing on her songwriting for the next 11 days, Nordstrom hopes to leave with “more depth in her writing.” 

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