A Day At The Recording Academy

Danielle Lowe, GRAMMY Camp 2013

Thursday, July 18, was field trip day at GRAMMY Camp. The day started out with campers arriving at The Recording Academy, the Santa Monica, California, headquarters of the GRAMMY Foundation. After having lunch, campers were split into groups to meet with various people who work at the Recording Academy to learn about the different job options there. I was lucky enough to be in a group with five other people to visit the office of president and CEO of the GRAMMY Foundation, Neil Portnow. Unfortunately, Neil was in Italy so we weren't able to speak with him, but his office spoke for itself. There were at least ten instruments scattered around his office, including a textured, silver piano with a cute panda sitting at the bench that I may or may not have taken multiple selfies with. There were even three GRAMMY awards sitting on his desk that I was able to hold! 

We then walked into his conference room next to his office. Displayed on the wall were signed posters from past Grammy Awards. I was most excited about seeing the lyrics of "Glitter in the Air" by Pink written out by Pink herself as a gift to Neil. 

After taking a peek into the most equipped bathroom I've ever seen, all campers headed downstairs to hear three songs performed by combos of the Vocalists and Songwriters. The first song featured Haleigh Bowers and Lilliana Villines on the mellow, sweet "Hourglass." Next up was "Forget 'Bout You" with Sabrina Elam on backup vocals, Cael Dadian showing off his rapping skills and Anh Le playing piano. The last song featured vocalist Brendon Eprile, debuting his guitar skills, Camille Thornton on guitar and backup vocals and Chloe Tang on piano. Sitting there, just listening to the music and reflecting on what a memorable day it was turning out to be made me remember exactly why I love GRAMMY Camp and music.

In the Spotlight

Hayley Corbett

GRAMMY Camp LA 2012 and 2014


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