A Diamond In The Rough: The KCRW Experience

Chris Freedman, Student Journalist

On a sunny Thursday morning a group of passionate GRAMMY Campers entered the campus of Santa Monica Community College for a tour of KCRW's studio. When the students arrived an air of disbelief washed over everyone’s face. The only thing that could be seen was a sketchy looking stair case and an even sketchier looking building that looked to be abandoned for some time. Feeling as if they were in the wrong place, the students followed their counselor down the stair case and what they found shocked them. Elaborate and vibrant colors were plastered across walls and a table was laid out with indie publications, concert fliers, and copies of the latest edition of LA Weekly.

Immediately to left of the table laid a shiny silver door and a vintage telephone. The counselor picked it up, dialed a number, and the students were greeted by a friendly young woman with straight long hair and glasses. The rowdy high schoolers were dumbfounded by the sheer amount of pictures of famous people that have passed through the legendary radio station. The woman later went on to say that artists such as Adele, Coldplay, Beck, and Vampire Weekend all made their U.S. radio debut. Each and every kid there was excited about at least one artist that came through the doors of KCRW.

Lastly the GRAMMY Campers got a chance to visit KCRW's extensive music library. Campers looked through the immense collection of over 600,000 records. They had everything from the original Transformers movie sound track from the ‘80s all the way down to the latest Tapes N' Tapes record. One camper joked "I want to set up a sleeping bag in here and check out new music every day!" The librarian was even kind enough to hand out sample CD's from a local rock and roll band to handful of campers. Unfortunately the tour had to end there, but the experience of being there will last a life time

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