Expect The Unexpected

Zani Nobles, Student Journalist

“Is everybody passionate?” “Will people be friendly?” “Am I good enough?” These are the types of questions going through someone's head before they come to GRAMMY Camp. Coming to GRAMMY Camp, you really don't know what to expect.

The expectations differed since some people were returning students while others were coming here for the first time ever. "A big expectation I had this year was how many people I can help teach what I know already" returning Camper Larenz Tolson, from the Audio Engineering track, said. "I didn't know what I was getting into, but I expected it to be an intense musical experience," said first-year Camper Bella Porter from the Vocal Performance track.

All they did know coming in was everyone who was selected is exceptionally talented, but then so are all of the fellow Campers. In everybody’s home neighborhood they might be the local Whitney Houston, but when you come here you’re part of the crowd. Everybody is either better or just as talented as you. Being around all these talented people can get intimidating. "You’re a stand out at home. You come here and everybody is a standout wherever they live, so there are a bunch of standouts. You think; ok I guess I'm not as good as I thought," songwriter Tnye' Freeman said.

It shows every Camper as good as they might be, they need the expert advice of the faculty to make the improvements necessary for the next step. "Basically, I want to learn more skills and get the professional training I need," said Audio Engineer Michael Jackson. GRAMMY Camp gives students the real life experience of being in the music industry. These students are doing the same thing professionals are doing, from recording music to performing with a band. They are doing it all.

Students don't know what they’re getting into here, but they come and sink everything in and discover no matter how good their talent is there's always room for improvement. GRAMMY Camp is definitely a humbling experience. And it underscores how important working with people is an important aspect to the music industry. Without the ability to work with people, you won't get far in the business. "I think it's so amazing to be surrounded by amazing talented people, and it's helped me become a better artist," Vocal Performance’s Cory Moreno said.

Working with all these talents definitely will help you with a music career, which is what everybody ultimately comes here for. Although it wasn't exactly what is was expected to be, students got something out of this opportunity of a lifetime. And from that, someone may be the next Whitney Houston.

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