Final Day of GRAMMY Camp — Jazz Session

Lauren Craig & Drew Schwendiman - GRAMMY In The Schools Media Team



I obviously have more to say than just those two words.  Honestly, this was an inspiring experience for me.  I did have fun making videos for the GRAMMY Foundation (go check them out!) and, I mean, I didn't mind attending all these GRAMMY Week events (okay… maybe I did have a ton of fun) but I learned a lot about myself this week.  Mainly, I learned that this is the career I want to pursue.  I do want to be a TV reporter in the future and I do want to be a supporter of the GRAMMY Foundation.  If I was going to relive this week 51 more times a year, I wouldn't mind one bit.

Lauren was extremely supportive and helpful and dealt with my cranky self whenever I had headaches, and I will miss her dearly.  I'm sure I'll see her in the future winning an award for best video in HISTORY (she's awesome).  Everyone at camp was so talented and friendly… Goodness, I can't single anyone out.  Literally EVERYONE rocked.  I can't wait to interview some of them in the near future when they're also accepting their awards!

I'm sure many people are wondering what my favorite event was, who my favorite interview was, how I get my hair to look so good everyday… I want to keep it short and sweet (not my hair).  GRAMMY Camp – Jazz Session is totally worth your time.  Every minute you spend preparing your audition, every minute of sleep you lose thinking about your audition, and (hopefully) every minute you spend practicing and performing during GRAMMY Week is worth everything in the world.  I am excited to see what next year's Media Team and next year's talent can do!


-Drewn Schwendiman

GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team


It is already Monday, the last day of GRAMMY Camp -- Jazz Session! This week went by so quickly because everyone was enjoying themselves even while putting an incredulous amount of work. Drew and I have seen and filmed these thirty-two talented jazz artists grow as friends and become better musicians under their instructors and practices. 

Looking back to the first day of GRAMMY Camp -- Jazz Session through today, everyone can agree, that this was one of the most special opportunities that most have had. The Band, Choir, Combo and the GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team would like to thank everyone involved with this amazing camp, and for this unique and amazing opportunity! 

-Lauren Craig

GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team

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