GRAMMY Camp Field Trip Ends With A Bang

Zani Nobles, Student Journalist

GRAMMY Camp students visit to the home offices of the Recording Academy wrapped with a huge treat. We walked in a dark conference room prepared to see amazing performances by Campers for both their fellow students and industry professionals. The first act -- Christopher Cobbs, Nathan Gott, and Jessica Farren -- opened up with a creative piece titled "My Mystery,” a song was about being in love. Cobbs blew the crowd away with his stellar lead vocals, while songwriters Gott and Farren performed the background vocals. Cobbs ended with a soft tuning of the song. The three left the crowd amazed with their performance.

Later on, we were joined by Vocal Performances’ Bella Porter and Songwriting’s Tnye' Freeman and Noah Jessup, who sung their song "Drifting Away." Porter has a very soulful voice, which was a good way to relax the crowd. Drifting away is about drifting away from your dream, but you'll be fine because the fact you want it so bad will get you back on track. One of the standout lyrics was, "I have the compass of my dreams to guide me." Jessup had a thrilling guitar solo in the middle of the song putting the crowd in awe. Their overall performance was tremendous, and the song had an inspirational meaning to it.

Taylor Washington and Songwriting’s Layne Putnam, and Emma DePuy embodied the cliche "Save the best for last." They gave an exceptional rendition of their song entitled "Hand Me Doubt,” which is about somebody who loves another person, but the significant other was playing him or her. This person is done waiting for the other person to love them back. DePuy had a lovely piano performance, and surprised the audience with her vocals in the middle of the song. Putnam played the guitar well, and was a great accompany to Washington's vocals. Towards the end of the song everyone clapped along.

These students practiced, and wrote these songs in the course of two days. It takes hard work to accomplish anything like that. The audience was very pleased with the performances. There isn't any better way they could have ended our field trip at the Recording Academy.

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