Lexi Shannon, GRAMMY Camp LA 2015

The third full day of GRAMMY Camp LA was full of unique experiences for the journalism students. After listening to guest professionals and later interviewing them, the seven students from across the country got a tour of KROQ 106.7, one of the most popular alternative stations in the world. The KROQ station, located in midtown Los Angeles, presented us with a chance to see the behind the scenes aspect of the radio industry. KROQ hosts both the Almost Acoustic Christmas show and Weenie Roast yearly, in addition to hosting many artists in studio for live performances on air.

Seven journalism students anxiously waited to see what the field trip had in store for us. The first thing was getting the chance to listen in on a radio broadcast as it was happening, which even included our getting a shoutout on air from Kat Corbett. We also had the chance to meet the person who is behind all of the commercials heard on air on a daily basis. Through this, one of the students, Josh Robinson, had the opportunity to try it out for himself. Students then went on to meet a producer of the Kevin and Bean morning show.

The walls of KROQ were filled with music memorabilia. Concert photos, posters, records, and autographs lined the walls of the halls. Each hallway was playing a different song at any given time throughout the tour. Sponsored by Red Bull, KROQ and sister station AMP has its own in-studio concert venue known as the Red Bull Sound Space. Artists from Sam Smith and Wiz Khalifa to Blink-182 and Coldplay have all performed at this intimate venue and left their mark with their logo and autograph on the one wall. Posters of the different artists were displayed outside of the stage. The students used the time they had at KROQ to ask questions that pertain to their future, as well as simply taking in all that was to be heard and seen. 

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