GRAMMY Camp Nashville Blog: Anna Pearson

Anna Pearson, GRAMMY Camp Nashville 2014

Sitting one day at home after school, working on music coincidentally, I received an email in my inbox. It was a forwarded message from my guitar teacher about some camp she thought I’d be interested in: GRAMMY Camp. Before submitting, I found out GRAMMY Camp Nashville was created by the GRAMMY Foundation, which is centered around educating high school students about music and in the case of camp allowing us to create awesome music. I immediately became interested. I researched some more on this intriguing camp and knew for sure I wanted to be spending June 9-13th at GRAMMY Camp. After the process of submitting forms, filming auditions, and writing all about the music I do, I got a call. Although, no one in my house heard the other side of the phone call, they immediately knew what it was for when I hung up the phone: I was going to GRAMMY Camp.

I prepared as much as possible for this camp but I still didn’t know what to expect from it. On June 9th, I quickly realized that this camp wasn’t going to be easy and I mean that in the best way possible. Every night I have come home telling stories about something new I learned or someone new I got to know. Now, I am on day three of GRAMMY Camp in Nashville and honestly, the best possible way to describe this camp is to say it is an absolute BLAST. It’s not just about improving your craft but also working with and supporting others all in helping to advance your career in music. My favorite part so far has probably been the constant yet exciting work. I’m a part of the vocal track and have loved getting a brand new song thrown at me, quickly recording a scratch vocal, and it's hard to believe but all in one day have a final recording done. I absolutely cannot wait to explore what GRAMMY Camp has next and to see what influence it will have for my future.

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