GRAMMY Week Recap: Angelie Humbert

Angelie Humbert, 2015 Media Team

I knew that upon arriving home, a slew of questions regarding my great big Los Angeles adventure would be waiting for me. As I look back, though, there are few words that can capture the experience I had other than wow. Sure, I could detail the legends that I was amongst, the performances I was gifted to witness, and the wonderfully hectic week of work I went through. Yes, I could openly cry to them about what it felt like to be at the MusiCares Person of the Year honoring my idol, Bob Dylan. Yes, I could tell them that Sam Smith sounds just as golden in person. Yes, I could tell them I met some of the most talented musicians around the country who became my friends. But it still would not capture the immense joy and beauty that comes from the type of cultural tradition that GRAMMY week entails.

The GRAMMY Camp – Jazz Session band, choir, and combo were filled with young talent so far beyond their years. I was happy to have their tunes still imbedded in my sleepy but content mind as I stepped on the plane back to Chicago. My favorite performance of theirs had to be the night they performed at the Recording Academy Special Merit Awards Ceremony in The Wilshire Ebell Theatre. There was something about the rainy jazzy night and their hard work in the company of some of the industry's finest, such as Buddy Guy and Barry Gibbs, that made it darn right swoon worthy.

My own favorite moment was the day I stepped into Capitol Studios at Capitol Records and realized what an honor it was to be making connections and learning from the best of the best where so many iconic passionate people had learned and records before. There is no value that can be put on the importance of a firm hand shake and a kind word shared with someone who is willing to help you achieve your dreams. Through all the red carpets and outings I covered, I feel that being a member of the GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team has exposed me to individuals who are willing to do just that for others.

GRAMMY Week is so much more than the smoke and mirror glamour the nation gets to ooze over during the telecast, it is a week that truly reveals why music matters and why the raw talent behind it needs to continue to be cultivated and remembered. From my first celebrity red carpet interview with Hunter Hayes at GRAMMY in the Schools Live! to the moment I walked out of the Staples Center Sunday night, I could not feel more privileged and honored to be even a minuscule part in all of it.

Angelie Humbert

GRAMMY in the Schools Media Team

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