Guest Professional Day at GRAMMY Camp LA

Danielle Lowe

Guest Professional Day at GRAMMY Camp started off for me by observing Evan Bogart, a music executive, television producer, music publisher and songwriter, lecture and answer questions for the electronic music production track. At just 35, Evan Bogart has written several smash hits, like "Halo" by Beyonce and "SOS" by Rihanna. Bogart got his start in the music industry at an internship at Interscope Records when he was 16. From there, he worked in music management and booking. He explained to us that he uses what he has learned from working in those areas in his producing and songwriting. Bogart also spoke about his rigid writing schedule. "Every week day, I go in my studio at 1pm and just shut everything out from anywhere between two to ten hours.", said Bogart. Another helpful piece of advice he offered is to become fluid at one skill, like songwriting, and then move onto learning another skill. "Don't try to do everything at once."

One of his more recent projects includes Boardwalk Entertainment, a company merging his brother's TV company with his songwriting company. Not only is his brother part of the industry, but his dad, Neil Bogart, was the founder of Casablanca Records, which is now owned by Universal Music Group.

When asked by a student about a quote from a couple of years ago about the upcoming years being a period of musical gold, Bogart said he still completely stands by his statement. "I believe the last two years have been prime time for music because of people like Adele, the Lumineers, Fun., the list is endless." From the looks of this year's GRAMMY Camp, the golden age of the music industry is just beginning.

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GRAMMY Camp LA 2013


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