If The Village Walls Could Talk

Allison Spice, Student Journalist

Pink Floyd, Fleetwood Mac, Andrea Bocelli, John Mayer, and Taylor Swift are just five of the thousands of of the artists that have recorded at The Village Recording Studio and made it big. On July 19, 2012, GRAMMY Campers had a rare chance to take a tour around The Village Recording Studio. The smell of cinnamon candle was in the air as we all stood, amazed at what was before us. The building, which was built in the 1920's, used to be a Masonic Temple by the Freemasons. It was used for those purposes until Geordie Hormel (from the Hormel Food Corporation) bought the building and turned it into a recording studio with a meditation building for the Maharishi and The Beatles. The campers were surprisingly more excited about the Maharishi having been in the same room as them, rather than The Beatles.

The first things that they saw yesterday were the all of the shiny, platinum records on the walls in the front room. These records ranged anywhere from All American Rejects to The Rolling Stones and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. After splitting into two groups, half of the students went with Tina Morris and the students went and saw a band who was recording for its new album. Morris, the Studio Manager, told us about the history of the building and all of the famous musicians and producers that have worked and walked through the same halls as us.

The Campers then got to tour the different studios where many platinum artists have recorded in the past. We sat in the same room where Lady Gaga recorded the platinum album Fame. On the third floor, the Campers saw the studio that was being built to the specifications of John Mayer and went into the studio where Ken Caillat, record producer and father of artist Colbie Caillat, met his wife.

The last stop on the trip was into a large ballroom area that will be used to record strings for tracks and the Freemasons used to have their initiations in. Now it will be used for the hit songs we will all hear in the future.

This was a spectacular trip for any person who was lucky enough to be there. It was full of so much history and music that it was hard not to just sit there and be awestruck and speechless. From the million-dollar mixing boards to Andrea Bocelli recording down the hall, it was something that most can only dream of seeing. We can only wait to see what else will come out of that studio.

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