An Interactive Experience At The GRAMMY Museum

Kimberly Hara, Student Journalist

After working for six hours each day at GRAMMY Camp since Saturday the Campers were in desperate need of a relaxing field trip day to the GRAMMY Museum.Following morning instruction all 77 students met outside of Carson Hall dressed in their maroon GRAMMY Camp shirts. We eventually made our way off to the GRAMMY Museum at the LA Live. When we arrived and entered the air conditioned building it definitely was a good break from the hot school bus crammed with kids. We jammed the elevators with maroon-clad students for a journey to the fourth floor.

The museum administrators really ensure that visitors have a hands-on experience and incorporate interactive technology to help them learn more about the history. There was an all-touch screen white table, which displayed words of different genres of music – including rock, classical, jazz, pop, punk, rap -- and when you touched the genres they separated into smaller categories. Upon selecting those topics music would play and a brief paragraph of the bands and their bios would appear.

For the students, this really set a good first impression for how the rest of the museum would be.  There were so many exhibits that you would be able to spend a whole day reading all the info and not even finish. There were also little stands with screens that showed a map of the United States that had points of major cities. If you clicked on a city then a time line of significant musical events would pop up and you could listen to them through the headphones. It really gave you the feel of what the era was like during those time periods. As we came to a full circle from where we started there were more stairs that led down to the third floor.

Right when everyone walked downstairs they were introduced to a full stage with guitars and drums. The guitars had buttons on them that were labeled with different music rock genres such as punk and metal and  below those were five different peddles. If you clicked one button then a song would play and you were able to test out the effects by pressing the different peddles. If you were on the drums, as you put the headphones on, you would hear a tune and try to play along with it. Pretty much everyone was able to feel as if they were truly a rock star. If you ventured more into the third floor you would be able to see that there were about six rooms with glass doors. For some, this was by far the most exciting interactive experience. The rooms were either recordings areas or sound remix stations. You would enter one room and on the screen see a professional from that specific area talk as if he or she was your own personal coach. Then you could record your own rap and play it back.

It was definitely a fun break from our normal Camp schedule. The last floor that everyone went on was the heavy metal section. There were not as many interactive activities but one that became a fan favorite was called the Scream Booth. The small soundproof room was padded all over and had a screen that displayed words from a song. There was a microphone and the main point was basically, just to scream!

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