Lunch With The Board: Our Conversation With Loretta Muñoz

Amanda Stover, 2016 GRAMMY Camp LA

On June 21, 2016, GRAMMY Campers got the opportunity to have lunch with members of the Board of the Los Angeles Chapter of The Recording Academy. Some of the campers sat with Loretta Muñoz from ASCAP, an organization that helps songwriters, composers, and music publishers get a jumpstart on their careers. A group of nine campers sat campfire-style around her, listening intently as they ate their lunches.

Mrs. Muñoz is the Assistant Vice President at ASCAP for Pop/Rock Creatives, as well as Special Projects. Before she came to ASCAP, her other jobs included creative management positions at United Artists Music, Chappell Music and Morris Music. She cites her parents always having LPs around when she was growing up as her source of inspiration for becoming involved in the music industry. Besides being the Los Angeles Recording Academy’s Governor, she is also affiliated with Artists Against Hunger and Poverty, Music2Life, WHYHunger, and the Philip Glass Carnegie Hall – Annual Benefit Concert Series.

Mrs. Muñoz was more interested in the camper’s stories than telling them about her role. After she explained that she was the appointed “governor” for the Los Angeles Recording Academy, she turned to the campers, asking them about what they were doing at the camp, and what their future goals and aspirations were. She was always polite, and very intrigued in what the students were discussing. If one of the campers had a question, she would answer it to the best of her ability, always making sure that all members of the group understood the answer. It was a great experience for the campers that they are sure to never forget.

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