Mini Concert Review: The Band Perry’s "All My Life”

Danielle Lowe, GRAMMY Camp LA Student Journalist

Photo by Kimberly Hara

On the second night of GRAMMY Camp, vocalists, songwriters, instrumentalists and audio engineers came together to put on a mini concert. What was unique about this concert was that not only was this the first time Campers and professionals saw many of the tracks come together as a whole, but songwriters actually co-wrote songs as responses to vocalists' performances. Each song and response were part of a different genre of music.

A highlight of this unique approach was the country genre. Vocalists Jasmine Watkins, Bella Porter and Christopher Cobbs took the stage with Porter as the lead and Watkins and Cobbs backing her up on "All My Life" by The Band Perry, who are best known for their hit single, "If I Die Young.” This sweet love song with a breathtakingly beautiful melody seemed to captivate the tired, yet now completely engaged and attentive audience.  Also on stage was keyboardist Evan Rees, who was actually playing the guitar on this song. Both Rees and bassist Emma Simpson really seemed to be enjoying themselves onstage. By the last chorus, the entire band completely pulled together and even received a standing ovation by some in the audience.

Next up was the response song, "It's You," a song reminiscent of Lady Antebellum, written by Nathan Gott and Tyne' Freeman, that featured Gott on guitar and Freeman on piano. Earlier, Songwriting instructor Chris Sampson explained to the audience that these songs were written using a method called "old bottle, new wine," meaning the songwriters took elements from the already written song, such as rhyme scheme and meter, and used those elements to write their songs. "It's You" is a solid country song with similar structure, meaning and calming effect on the audience.

Starting out with alternating vocals on the verse, the song showed the emotion and chemistry between these two songwriters. The song flowed through the verse and then onto an angelic-like harmony on the pre chorus where they were met with light snapping from the audience. Looking around while they were performing, the audience seemed completely connected to the song. Nathan and Tyne's song was my favorite of the night (and not just because country is one of my favorite genres!) and I hope to hear another collaboration from the two of them this week at GRAMMY Camp.

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