Mini Concert Review: Guns ‘N’ Roses “Sweet Child Of Mine”

Chris Freedman, GRAMMY Camp LA Student Journalist

Night two at GRAMMY Camp Los Angeles started as high school students packed into the seats of Trojan Hall anxiously awaiting their turn to play on the USC stage for the mini concert.  During the rock portion of the show the opening licks of “Sweet Child of Mine” broke free from Brodie Mills’ guitar like a caged ape anxious to let out his fury. Following Mills’ eruption of hard rock riffing came a series of infectious hoots and hollers by excited GRAMMY Campers. Cory Moreno then entered the song belting out the lyrics as if he had known them for years, when in reality he had learned them the day of the performance. The addition of piano chords to the composition was a welcome idea blending well with the bass heavy mix and screaming guitars.

The drums were loud, popping, and vicious. Ryan Albaugh’s snare pummeled up and down the rows of Trojan Hall shouting for your attention. His drum fills jarred and excited you while at the same time kept the groove of the song maintained perfect rhythm.  During one of the various guitar solos came explosions of wawa pedals and grungy distortion. Mike Garcia, the Concert Promotion instructor even said to Mills,” You’re just like Slash! All you need now is the top hat!”  The band did justice to Guns ‘N’ Roses and killed the performance.

The second riff based song of the night was an original written by Phillip Lucero, who played keyboard on the track, and was accompanied by Jessica Farren the guitar. Their tune was a much slower take on riff-based songs such as “Sweet Child of Mine,” but none the less still managed to rock the house. Its overlaying harmonies offered tasty tidbits of melodic perfection that danced along the guitar riffs offering the song a sense of innocence. The crowd was completely silent offering the artists their utmost respect. From two polar opposites came one similarity. Even though both groups had completely different ideas of riff based songs they both managed to convert the room into fans.   

Photo by Kimberly Hara

In the Spotlight

Kevin Burke

Attended GRAMMY Camp New York 2011, 2012; GRAMMY In The Schools Media Team 2012


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