Music Supervisor Paul Stewart Visits GRAMMY Camp

Danielle McDuffie, GRAMMY Camp 2016

It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles, California. On the USC campus, GRAMMY Camp students were being mentored by several different names in the industry. Music Supervisor Paul Stewart was the mentor for the Music Business kids along with a couple kids from Electronic Music Production and Music Journalism.

He began by introducing himself and explaining how he got to where he is today. He then went around the room and told everyone to introduce themselves. This showed everybody that he genuinely cared about everyone’s stories. Stewart continued to give each student advice on the goals they were aiming for. The mood was very light-hearted, keeping everyone interested and smiling. He explained to everyone that he had been turned down multiple times, and the fact that it is a common thing that will happen to you in this business. “No one respects you as a kid. I would have an interview scheduled and I’d see them running out saying they had to go to a meeting” he said. “It was insulting,” Stewart says, although his success has allowed him to move past that situation now. He said the best advice he could give anyone would to bring value into something. “The best thing you can do is get your stuff out there and send it to people.” Before he left the classroom, he wrote his email on the board for everyone to contact him if they needed it. As soon as he left, the room was buzzing with people talking about how cool he was. He definitely made a long lasting effect on these kids.

Before Stewart left the USC campus, he answered a few of my questions for me. He explained to me that he loves coming here because of all the stories he hears. “I love meeting young people and having them tell me what they’re working on,” he says with a smile on his face. He could talk about how much he loves his job for hours. I then continued to ask if he would have joined a camp such as GRAMMY Camp while he was younger. Without hesitation, he said yes. He began to say how he was very into Journalism, so he would join the Music Journalism track. “When I was at that age, I was really into photography and I was writing for the school newspaper.” That was the reason he decided to create his new book company called Over The Edge Books. He said that the main reason of the company was to make Hollywood more aware of urban culture. “I realized that Hollywood didn’t really understand urban culture…” Stewart was incredibly fun to talk to and made things very easy. He was extremely genuine and helpful.

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Music Supervisor Paul Stewart Visits GRAMMY Camp

It’s a beautiful day in Los Angeles, California. On the USC campus, GRAMMY Camp...

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