Nyallah Noah Finds Strength

Kassandra Winchester, GRAMMY Camp LA

Everyone has their strengths. Nyallah Noah of Valley Village, California found her strength in the art of R&B vocals. Her acceptance into the 2014 GRAMMY Camp came with an opportunity to take her strength and finish constructing it, furnishing it and polishing it. However, prior to GRAMMY Camp Noah knew from an early age that music would be her outlet. 

“I have been singing since before I could even talk. Music is a starting place for me. It is a way I can express myself in more ways than just one. Music makes you feel something that words and actions can’t express,” said Noah.

Noah agrees that her parents have helped fuel her drive to achieve the dream of being a big name recording artist. Her father being a professional soccer player and mother being an accredited seamstress, Noah is fully determined to take a hobby much like her parents have and make it a lifestyle. Though her passion lies in music, she realizes the music industry is a tricky business to crack. 

“I want to be a performer. I want to be an artist, make music and I want to make albums but, more than anything, I want to be involved with the industry because it is such a family type of industry,” said Noah. “I would prefer being a recording artist but I will do whatever I can to be surrounded by music for the rest of my life.” 

As her journey though GRAMMY Camp progresses, Noah has every intention to push herself to try new things and stretch her stylistic abilities through meeting new people and collaborations. 

“I don’t like putting myself into this box saying this is what I do and I only do this. It may be what I prefer to do, but it’s not like I can’t do something else. Being diverse in the music industry is a huge advantage,” said Noah.

She expresses herself through her artistic gene while allowing her “box” to be open to new suggestions and constructive criticism. Though it is only day two here at GRAMMY Camp, Noah has her mind is set and she is ready to work to fulfill her dream of becoming a big name recording artist.



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