Passion For Fashion

Kimberly Hara, Student Journalist

Today’s fashionistas are all over New York City and walking the streets of L.A., but tomorrow’s style icons can be found here at GRAMMY Camp L.A. From patterned jeans to maxi dresses to lace cardigans, Campers are always surprising us with new styles every day. Given the wide variety of flair displayed at Camp every day, many would be surprised that they aren't already modeling on the cover of Italian Vogue or GQ magazine. The variety of clothing really reflects the styles of different musicians and what kind of songs they sing. Not only do they think about what they are wearing but also how their style affects the way their audience perceives them.

"It’s all about the image and if it’s someone who doesn't care then it reflects them," says Keri Prather who is a songwriter. She is one of the trendy campers who wears up to date clothes that are hip and in style. Her style icon is Joss Stone, who is a soul singer and her wardrobe Prather feels is, "Hippie-ish," with long dresses that go to the floor and beaded sandals.  Prathers' style gives off a vibe that one would see at a music festival such as Coachella. She is just one of the many girls that rock their different outfits by day and night. 


It’s not just girls but guys as well who care about their appearance. One who does this well is Evan Rees. He is a part of the Keyboard track and by far is one of the most stylish guys at Camp. Rees’ style is unique and he wears anything from piano suspenders to rolled up jeans with patterned socks. Rees' icon, who he looks up to for fashion know how, is Bruno Mars who Rees views as a, "Classy hipster." He has a very strong opinion on style and feels that it is absolutely important.  “The style is what sets the tone for what people are going to expect of you musically,” Rees says. “He even stated that when he asked Brian London (Musical Director) what makes a pop audition successful, London replied, "It’s at least 60% style and 40% playing."  Everyone can see that not just young teens but professionals in the music industry talk about how fashion plays a key role.

Some Campers have even used their style to help those in need. Bella Porter, who is a vocalist, showed off her bracelets that she makes for a nonprofit called Teens United Live. Porter and some of her friends were part of a performance and selling tickets to raise money to help fund a jazz program at a school across their city. She started to make the bracelets about a month ago and was inspired by a fashion designer (Chan Luu) who makes them of a similar style. Porter then sells the bracelets in order to raise money for donations. As far as her style, she really admires Adele because, “Of her personality, her music and how she dresses." To Porter, dressing for the right type of genre is a must. "It definitely has to reflect the song a lot," she said. “You don't want to be singing a really happy song and be wearing all black." Campers really do know more than meets the eye about the music industry. 

Another guy who embraces his own style is Cory Moreno, also a vocalist. He believes that one day he will become famous and wants to be presented a certain way when that day comes. His favorite store is Bucklewhich can be found at his local mall in Arizona.  "I have a pretty unique style I like to call Cory style," he said. This Camper is definitely not shy when it comes to dressing it up, wearing scarves and hats as casual wear.  Besides looking sharp all the time, he concentrates on how his audience will view him as an artist and feels that it’s important to be unique. "I want to be presented the way I am," said Moreno. “On stage I want people to know that this is the whole package."  Being not only an amazing singer, but one who possesses great fashion taste, his future plans involve one day having his own clothing style. "I have been super busy but I think that it would be cool to have [his own line]," stated Moreno. Various clothing brands such as William Rast by Justin Timberlake and Sean John by P. Diddy were created by artists that have become successful in the music and fashion industry. 


Throughout the week, the fashion of GRAMMY Campers has never bored us. And everyone has learned that style does play a significant role in impacting the way you are presented as an artist. At the same time it’s important to have fun with it and to be uniquely you. With the students coming up with new innovative styles don't be surprised if you see them published in a GRAMMY fashion mag one day.

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