GRAMMY Camp - Basic Training

A successful career in the music business is like an iceberg – most people are only aware of one small, dazzling portion or it: the hit single, the catchy video, a platinum album or sold-out concert tour. What’s less visible is the huge amount of time and effort that makes those achievements possible.

GRAMMY Camp – Basic Training gives you the fundamentals of what it takes to have a career in music. You’ll spend a full school day with music pros from lots of music careers – artists, music attorneys, managers, concert promoters, digital marketers – people who have cool jobs doing things with music you never even knew existed. And they’ll tell you how’s it’s done – how they got started – and how you can do it too.

Speakers for Basic Training include GRAMMY winners, nominees, and professionals in related disciplines. These interactive sessions will take you through the inner workings of the industry to learn exactly what it takes to make it in the business.

"I never really received any support from my family, because they thought being a performer was unrealistic and that I wasn't good enough. After GRAMMY Camp – Basic Training, my family has been much more supportive of me, and with them behind me, I know I can achieve anything. Basic Training has done so much for me, far beyond information and far beyond connections. You have helped me jump start my dream to make it in this industry, and that's the best thing anyone has ever done for me."
— Student, New York GRAMMY Camp – Basic Training

If you want your school to participate in GRAMMY Camp – Basic Training, click here.

In the Spotlight

Julian Ring

Attended GRAMMY Camp Los Angeles 2010, GRAMMY eTeam 2010, GRAMMY In The Schools Media Team 2012


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