GRAMMY Camp – Jazz Session

2018 Update Regarding GRAMMY Choir
Unfortunately, the GRAMMY Choir will be suspended for 2018. We know this is a disappointment to the many fine singers across the country, and the decision was not made lightly. The GRAMMY Museum will work tirelessly to develop and implement a plan that will allow us to reinstate this element of the program in future years.

Apply for GRAMMY Camp – Jazz Session 2018! Deadline is 11:59pm PDT October 22.


ALL APPLICANTS: State your name, grade, phone number, school, city and state at the beginning of the recording.

ALL INSTRUMENTS (except Drums)

  1. Prepared Selection: Charlie Parker’s “Billie’s Bounce” - medium tempo with standard or alternate chord changes. Accompaniment may be live (preferred) or recorded. We also encourage the use of an accompaniment program if live accompaniment is not available. 3-4 choruses of improvisation is optional. Bass players also walk for four choruses.
  2. Self Selections: Play two songs of contrasting styles, jazz classic, standard, or other styles. As an option may include at least three choruses of improvisation but it is NOT required. These selections are your choice and composers to consider are Thelonious Monk, Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Chick Corea, Stevie Wonder, Kirk Whalum, Herbie Hancock, George Gershwin, Tito Puente, Wayne Shorter, etc.


  1. Lead Trumpet: Play the required Lead Trumpet excerpt below and, as an option, you MAY play a lead trumpet excerpt of your choice. Make this portion of your audition the FIRST musical selection on your video audition.
  2. Bass Trombone & Baritone Saxophone: Play an ensemble excerpt that demonstrates your low range.

BASS (upright and electric), GUITAR and PIANO

  1. Comping (Guitar): Demonstrate comping a. rhythm guitar b. standard (regular).
  2. Funk/R&B (All): Play 1 to 2 minutes of time in that style on a traditional Funk or R&B tune. Composers/artists to consider are Stevie Wonder, Tower of Power, Earth, Wind & Fire, Average White Band, Prince, Cameo, Parliament, etc. Bassists use electric bass. NOTE: Just play the "groove" NOT the melody.


  1. Play the following Billie’s Bounce blues choruses: 4 choruses of time, 2 choruses of trading 4s, 2 choruses of solo, repeat 2 choruses of time. Accompaniment may be live (strongly preferred) or recorded.
  2. Demonstrate time in: Latin and brushes (ballad and/or up tempo). Play on song forms 1-2 minutes each style. Optional: Include 1 chorus improvisation for each style.
  3. Play 1-2 minutes of a hip hop/funk/pop groove. If you choose to play on a song form, choose a song originally written in that style. Do NOT play a jazz tune with a funk beat/groove.
  4. If possible, include a 2-5 minute video segment playing time with a big band (not soloing).

Download a PDF of Billie’s Bounce and the Lead Trumpet Excerpt.


  1. Listen to original version of required audition tunes to gain a sense of style and groove. Follow audition guidelines accurately. Keep it simple and clean.
  2. Extensive or elaborate video production is often a distraction to the adjudication process. Place that energy into creating a superior musical presentation. Just play or sing.
  3. Preview video recording before submitting it. Check for sound quality and balance. (Can you be heard?)
  4. Ensure your accompanist(s) is playing stylistically correct. It may be better to use a pre-recorded accompaniment. You may perform a capella, but live or recorded accompaniment is strongly encouraged.
  5. Pay close attention to the melodic and rhythmic content (note accuracy, intonation, etc.). As you prepare, place as much emphasis on performing the "head" (melody) correctly as you place on the improvised sections that follow (should you choose to improvise).
  6. Perform at a tempo that is appropriate for the piece and your ability. Faster is not better if you don't have the technical proficiency to handle that speed.
  7. Pianists: Position the camera so you and your fingers can be seen.
  8. Lead Trumpet Players: Play your lead trumpet excerpt at the beginning of your audition video.
  9. Rhythm players: When playing the funk/R&B selection it is be best to select a tune that was originally written in that genre. In most cases this will involve just comping over the changes (no melody required). Avoid playing a jazz tune with a funk or R&B groove.

Submit your audition video by uploading to YouTube.
If you wish to prevent the public from seeing your audition video and would like for only the GRAMMY Museum to view it, simply categorize the video(s) as “Unlisted” when uploading. DO NOT mark it “Private” as this will prevent us from seeing it.

IMPORTANT: When uploading, please label your video with:

  • Your full name
  • Instrument or vocal part for which you’re auditioning
  • Your email address
  • Your application number

Once you’ve recorded and uploaded your video, please submit the link to the GRAMMY Museum, following the instructions you'll receive after submitting the application.

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