GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award

Apply to be a 2017 GRAMMY Signature School by October 22!

After completing the online application for the GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award, your school may be chosen as a Semi-Finalist. If so, you will be asked to submit the supplemental materials below. Be sure to follow these instructions carefully.




GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award recipients receive:

  • Up to $5,550 for the music department budget.
  • Exceptional local and national public relations opportunities for receiving media attention for school and music program.
  • The prestigious GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award

Please read and follow the instructions carefully. Failure to do so may cause your submission to be disqualified.

Recorded Performance Samples:

Prepare for submission four copies of an audio compact disc (CD) of you best vocal or instrumental ensemble (no soloists) that adheres to the following guidelines:

  • Select only ONE ensemble. This should be your best ensemble (instrumental or vocal).
  • Record one or more compositions or excerpts. The minimum length of each individual composition or excerpt is 1:15 and the maximum length for all excerpts is five minutes.
  • Record and identify each excerpt as a separate track on the CD (keeping time minimums and maximum in mind).
  • Submit live recorded performances and/or rehearsals that are not overdubbed nor created in a recording studio.
  • Recording(s) may be of a performance OR a rehearsal and can be done with any type of handheld recorder or cell phone.
  • Test each copy of the CD in at least one other CD player to ensure it will play properly.
  • Do not submit tracks with guest artists or ensembles with individuals not enrolled in your school as a senior high student.
  • Recordings from January 2015 to present are eligible.

Include only the following on your audio CD copies:

  • Your provided Semi-Finalist Code written or printed on the CD and CD packaging.
  • If you've lost your code: notify us immediately at and the semi-finalist code will be emailed to you.
  • Include track number, ensemble, title, composer/arranger and length of each excerpt on the CD packaging.
  • DO NOT put the school name, mascot or any other identifying information on either the CD or CD packaging.

Remember, submit FOUR copies of the audio CD

Repertoire List

  • Provide a listing (unstapled by ensemble), of a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 12 musical selections performed from January 2015 to present. Include title, movement(s), composer, arranger, grade level (if available) and performing ensemble.

Additional Information – Provide a listing of the following:

  • Performance ensembles at your public high school
  • Non-performance classes taught at your public high school

Please submit ONLY the materials listed to the GRAMMY Foundation in a 12"x 16" or smaller envelope.

GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award Supplemental Materials must be RECEIVED by January 8, 2015.

Note: If you are a GRAMMY Signature Schools Semi-Finalist you do NOT need to resubmit your Supplemental Materials.

Please send in 12" x 16" (maximum size) envelope to:

The GRAMMY Foundation
Attn: GRAMMY Signature Schools
3030 Olympic Boulevard
Santa Monica, CA 90404

Note: Materials cannot be returned.


GRAMMY Signature Schools

  • Excellent performance ensembles.
  • High quality instruction in multiple musical genres is offered.
  • High quality instruction is available to all students in non-performance music courses (e.g. music history, theory, electronic music, etc.)
  • A variety of avenues to provide music education to a larger segment of the student body is offered (e.g. General Music and/or other courses for students not already part of performance ensembles).

GRAMMY Signature Schools “Gold”

  • All of the above criteria.
  • Quality string, wind/percussion, and choral performance ensembles.

National GRAMMY Signature School

  • All of the above criteria.
  • The best music program of the Gold schools.

GRAMMY Signature Schools “Enterprise Award”

  • Need: The school music department must demonstrate financial need.
  • Goal and Objectives: A school may apply for the Enterprise Award each year and receive it for two consecutive years. Part of the goal should include how the funds will improve the quality of the school music program to a level where it can compete yearly for GRAMMY Signature Schools status.
  • Creative Strategies: The successful applicant will provide a creative and/or innovative strategy that will resolve a department wide need or challenge and, a description of how a one-time infusion of cash can provide such a resolution. Included in this strategy should be an explanation detailing how this program enhancement will achieve the stated goal.
  • Program Expansion: A plan that includes making the department course offerings available to a wider portion of the student community is a benefit, but not to the detriment of improving the quality of the existing program.
  • Quality Performing Groups: Demonstrated excellence in at least one performance ensemble (traditional or non-traditional is a benefit).
  • Program Support: The school music program should have a support mechanism (e.g., parents, administrators, district, community, etc.) that will assist in successfully implementing the strategies outlined in the essay portion of the application. If a sufficient support mechanism does not exist, include a strategies for developing one.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Take no more that 10% of the essay to identify the challenge/need. The remaining 90+% should be dedicated to your proposed solution(s).

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