GRAMMY Signature Schools - FAQ

What is GRAMMY Signature Schools?
The GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award is designed to honor public high school music programs across the country with special awards and grants based primarily on  need and a compelling plan to address that need.

What has changed for the 2017 process?
In evaluating this program and our available resources to support it, we’ve made some changes:

  • We’ve completed the transition to a program that awards and provides grants to schools based upon need. We have therefore suspended the qualitative GRAMMY Signature Schools program element. We will continue with the GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award and Community Award.
  • We will present these awards in geographic regions in which we can find financial resources to support. Enterprise Awards in 2017 will be given in Anchorage, AK; Chicago, IL; Los Angeles County, CA; and Memphis, TN.

May I apply for both awards (GRAMMY Signature Schools Enterprise Award AND the GRAMMY Signature Schools Community Award?
If both awards are being offered in your community, a public school would be eligible for both. To be clear, while a school can apply for an Enterprise Award, there is no application process for the Community Award.

What schools are eligible for GRAMMY Signature Schools Community Awards and Enterprise Awards?
Public high school music programs in selected regions.

May private or parochial schools be considered?
No. These awards are only available to public high school music programs only.

Is there an Application fee I should know about?
No. It is free to apply for GRAMMY Signature Schools awards!

Where do I go for the Application?
Applications for 2017 are closed. Check back for info on the 2018 Awards in Late Summer 2017.

Have more questions that aren’t answered here? Send us an email.


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