Lunch With A Legend

Lexi Shannon, GRAMMY Camp LA 2015

Students at GRAMMY Camp had the opportunity to enjoy a meal with members of the board of The Recording Academy this past Thursday. Sitting outside of Carson Hall on the campus of the University of Southern California, students split into groups to learn about the unique lives of board members and how they achieved success in this difficult industry. Peter Asher, a producer from London, spoke to four students about his achievements in life. Asher has worked with artists such as James Taylor, Ed Sheeran and Linda Ronstadt. In addition, he also became head of The Beatles’ record label, Apple. The twelve-time GRAMMY nominated producer has won Producer of the Year twice, first in 1977 and then later in 1989. 

Asher, showing up with a red blazer and pink converse, started out the lunch by giving the campers a short background of himself. He emphasized the importance of following your dreams without the influence from others. It is customary for students in England to stay in university for three years straight. However, after being given the opportunity to come to America and record, Asher took a year off. Though never returning to university, Asher has become immensely successful. Working with some of today’s top artists, such as signing James Taylor, Asher has a career many of the students at GRAMMY Camp aspire to.

The students, intently listening to what the legend had to say, had a slew of questions to ask once he finished telling his story. With his background in scoring films, many of the questions revolved around this. For instance, one student asked Asher to describe the process in choosing music for a film. He told them about the two different ways that music is scored for films. There are songs that are chosen for the film, and there are songs that are written for the film. The processes that people go through to find the perfect song, obtain rights for it, and then use it in the movie isn’t as simple as many think. He gave the four intrigued students a very in-depth description as to how this process is achieved. After such a short period of time, the students were able to gain a wealth of knowledge from Recording Academy board member Peter Asher.

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Brendan Eprile

GRAMMY Camp LA 2013


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