Music Publicist To The Stars Alex Greenberg Visits Journalism Students

Nia Pope

On July 20th, 2017, GRAMMY Camp’s Music Journalism students got a special visit from Alex Greenberg, senior vice president of public relations at The Mitch Schneider Organization (MSO). Greenberg gave us not only background on herself and how she made it into the PR music industry but she also gave us many great college and ethics tips for us as aspiring journalists.

Alexandra Greenberg started off at Marist College originally wanting to do music video production but got off track and decided to try out PR with the helpful instruction of her guidance counselor. In her senior year, she realized a career in PR was what she wanted to pursue. After Greenberg graduated, she traveled cross-country to Los Angeles and an internship at Motormouth.

“I was learning who the players are, right from the get-go, in doing my internships,” Greenberg said. “Don’t ever underestimate internships. I think internships are so important because even though you're not actually doing what's considered the work of an assistant, you are privy to their information.”

As a young person in L.A., Alex kept moving. She moved through multiple entry level jobs and internships until one day she got a call from Mitch Schneider saying, “We’ve heard about you, we want you to come meet with us, because we are a major rock PR firm and we want to get involved with electronic music.”

For the next 16 years, Greenberg worked for MSO PR and has gone on to have major clients such as deadmau5, Calvin Harris, and Steve Aoki. She also handles PR for major music festivals such as Coachella and Ultra Music Festival. From someone so successful in the business, it was motivating to hear that there is a reward when you work hard and try your best.

Alex also expressed to us how important it was to start early furthering our careers in the field we want to pursue. For us music journalists this means starting blogs, interning, and doing things that pull us out of our comfort zone. For female music journalists in particular, Greenberg taught us how important ethics are not only in how to be a good journalist but also in how to be a good female journalist. All in all, as a group of young women striving to be in the industry, we gained a lot from Alex Greenberg’s visit, and left with more confidence than we brought with us into the room.

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