Nate Yetton: Gaining Success in the Industry

Lexi Shannon, GRAMMY Camp LA 2015

Rhode Island native Nate Yetton, owner of Sensibility Music, came to speak to the music business students of GRAMMY Camp LA on June 23 for guest professional day. He spent an hour with the eight teens discussing his life and career in the industry they hope to be in one day. Yetton was inspired by family to pursue his career in the music industry and he inspired to teens listening to pursue theirs. He is the husband of Joy Williams, a former member of folk band The Civil Wars. 

Yetton started out the class by giving students a brief introduction, followed by his story of climbing the corporate ladder to be where he is now. As the owner of a record label, Yetton has had the opportunity to work with a multitude of genres and artists. Sensibility Music, based out of Nashville, will be turning seven years old this September. When asked about his typical day, he promptly replied “a typical day is not a typical day.” From marketing the artists and bands signed to his label, to consistently updating all social media, Yetton is surely a jack of all trades. 

He spoke to the students about the importance of following your dreams, aside from what may be perceived as the social norm. As one who never finished college after being offered a job at a label, Yetton is proof that a degree is not needed to be successful. Having ambition and passion can surpass education in this industry. Capitalizing on your strengths while bettering your weaknesses is a major part to being in successful in whatever you may do. 

In addition to answering questions about pursuing a career in music, Yetton also spoke about his career. He discussed his label and what goes into finding an artist. He tends to lean towards artists who “express themselves authentically.” Branding is also a huge part of the industry. “Strong branding comes from someone who knows their strengths, weaknesses…” said Yetton. He also added how an artist must recognize who they are as an artist and what their impact on others may become. Connection with fans is a major part of being a successful musician as well as manager. Nate Yetton, although only given an hour to discuss his career with eight aspiring managers, surely made an impact on them and their future.

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