Priscilla Clarke Asks “What Do I Want To Look Like To The Universe?”

Josh Robinson, GRAMMY Camp LA 2015

As another day of GRAMMY Camp LA came to a close, campers gathered at the Carson Sound Stage for a very important panel about branding. Priscilla Clarke, the President and CEO of Clark & Associates, LLC, was the guest speaker. Rather than beginning with an introduction, Clarke probed the campers about how they want to be perceived to the public. Although she initially seemed hard to impress, it was clear that she was focused on the camp attendees. Advice flooded from her mouth from start to finish.

She, like many other guest speakers this week, emphasized the importance of ethics and your reputation. However, her version of the conversation was presented in a way that didn’t feel like an instant replay. Opting to offer personal experience rather than provide empty advice, Clarke illustrated the importance of trust with her clients, which is crucial to her company’s brand. Branding, which she described as “that thing that you are,” was simplified for everyone in attendance. Clarke continued to speak on attention to detail, explaining how lack of it can destroy opportunities.

She provided the best advice on networking heard from any guest speaker all week. It was evident that Clarke was truly passionate on the matter, and she offered the camp advice that many campers will never forget. “Let them know you’re in the room. Promote yourself.”

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Kevin Burke

Attended GRAMMY Camp New York 2011, 2012; GRAMMY In The Schools Media Team 2012


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