The Village Review

Jarrett Lampley, GRAMMY Camp LA 2015

After lunch at the Recording Academy Wednesday, a select group of around 20 eager GRAMMY Campers hopped off the bus at The Village Recording Studio on Butler and Santa Monica. The moment we emerged from the bus onto Butler Avenue, it was nothing but pure havoc - trailers and roadies running in and outside of the recording studio, which we later found out was because of a movie filming in their biggest studio.

As soon as we walked through the door of The Village Recording Studio, pure history surrounded our group. The lobby’s walls were draped with platinum albums that were recorded at the very studio, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Californication to Fleetwood Mac’s Tusk. It was an atmosphere that radiated music history, something which engulfed the campers.

After a quick introduction with the owner of the Village, Jeff Greenberg, who gave us the tour, we almost immediately got in a straight line to enter one of the biggest studios of the building. We moved quite quickly because of the fact that a major artist was soon going to be in that very studio, but still got a glimpse of the soothing environment and impressive equipment.

Following our emergence from the studio we shuffled up the steps that took us to the second floor, packed with large rooms used for orchestras and movie scores. Because of the movie being filmed in the Village, along with two major artists having sessions in the studios we were not able to see many parts of the studio. However, we did meet John Alagia, a three-time Grammy-nominated producer of Jason Mraz, Dave Matthews, Rachael Yamagata and many more, who was quite welcoming and eager to give a few words of advice to the campers.

Overall, our experience at the Village was fantastic.  Greenberg gave us valuable information about not only running such an iconic business but also about working in the music business, as well as Alagia who couldn’t have been more welcoming to the GRAMMY Campers. We were all left not only amazed by what we had seen, but also longing for a rare internship there.

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